About us 

Trainer              Romy


Animal Lover 

Since I was really young we'd always got at least two dogs one always being an Alsatian. 

That was the family dog. 

Then I left my parents and got my dogs. 

The Staffys and the Pointer. 


I rescued one of the Staffys, she was aged 2 and she changed, she became really naughty out on walks, so I went to a dog trainer and that was the reason I got into dog training. 

Then I thought thats what I want to do, I worked with a trainer, who specialised in Aggressive Dogs. I got taught a lot.  


I then worked with a man, who worked with Police dogs, and taught police dog handlers, he decided he was going to carry on with some of the police dog work but wanted to do pet dog training.

For over 4 years, we worked on The Kennel Club GCDS and Puppy Classes, One to Ones and Fun Agility. The police puppies would sometimes join in for our puppy training classes, we'd teach the police puppies the basics, getting ready for their jobs. After that, I done some sniffer dog training.



Assistant Trainer             Nikita 

is an animal lover too, she done a lot of  The Kennel Club GCDS Training over the year, now working as a Dog Training Assistant to assist our classes. 


She's looked after peoples dogs when they've been away, including, some very large strong dogs and kindly trained their dogs whilst they were away. 


She originally wanted to be a scent dog handler, so needed to observe and work with dogs, since then she's enjoyed assisting  pet dog obedience courses. 



In Dog Training 

We offer Dog Training classes for dogs that are in need of some obedience. We will work with you and your dog at your pace. We use balanced training. Balanced Training involves praise and correction.  

If you'd like to take part in The Kennel Clubs GCDS then we offer these classes and the test. 

Some weekends we'll offer work shop days. The days will be updated on the Facebook page, some of these days will involve recall and walking nicely on lead. 

We will be introducing training in Public Social Walks and Road Walks. 


We're always encouraging 

children to come along to classes. It is always good for children to understand the safety around dogs. It gets the children interested in training the dog and keeps everyone in the family doing the same thing. This can be so good for children's confidence.  

Rescue Dogs 

Firstly, What a brilliant job, Rescues Staff and Volunteers do. 

When getting a rescue dog, the dog could of  gone through some really bad things, or it could be they weren't good in kennels at the rescue, causing the dog to be fearful. This is something you don't want your dog to be. 

You will need to get off on the right foot with your new rescue dog.

Do some research on what breed and age of the dog you are getting. Ask the Rescue about the dog. What it does? Its unwanted behaviours? What its good at? If its better with men or women? 

We can give some good tips and training to start you of and to carry on. 

Dog Fun Agility Classes are always useful if your dogs energy that keeps going. We've got agility equipment that will be used at your dogs pace. 

Our Puppies into to Fun Agility can be really good for socilising your puppy with new surfaces, sounds, other puppies and other owners. Which is what they need from a very young age. 


If you'd like to ask anything (no question is stupid) then please do email us romyroker@thedogstraininingacademy.co.uk 

or call us