1 to 1's 

We offer 1 to 1's at Academy £40 per hour 

Visit £40 per hour, plus travel 

We can work on and advise you on training you need to start a journey to shape your dog. 

You could be a first time dog owner, a rescue dog owner, or you could of already owned dogs and this dog is different to train. All dogs are different and some learn in different ways. 


A few of the things that could be familiar 


  • Recalls 

  • Jumping up 

  • Destroying and chewing 

  • Barking 

  • Walking to heel 

  • Socialising 

  • Basic Commands 

  • Aggression 

  • Crate Training 

  • Puppy training issues 

  • Responce to name 

  • Toilet training 

  • Puppy nipping