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 The DogsTraining



          Welcoming All Dogs 

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To Owners and Dogs.   

that attended classes    

and Passed their.          

Kennel Club                

Awards at The Dogs Training Academy           

What's New? 

We've got lessons starting again for children and dogs 

this will included safety around dogs 


We will be going out for training sessions to get dogs socialised well with roads, bikes, other people, dogs and long lines or in a secure woodland area. 

These classes will be £13 per session.

There will only be 4 dogs per session. 


If you are interested please

Contact us

Changed Location 

Our Venue was approved by the local animal welfare officer. 

We've got treats

We've now got treats at academy in case one of our clients don't bring them, we ask for an optional donation to put into the charity container, that goes to a dog rescue.